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As a Tibet tour company that is one of the oldest and the biggest, we offer the most comprehensive and most reliable Tibet travel packages. We are a local Tibet Travel Agency built by Tibetans, run by a team of dedicated Tibetans, and to give back to the local Tibetans.

We believe that we’ve become one of the best Tibet tour company because of our focus and dedication. All our products and services cover only 1 single destination: Tibet. Hence, we have accumulated unrivaled experience and expertise on Tibet over the past 20 years.

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Tibet Group Tours

Operated by one of the oldest Local Tibet Travel Agency

Among all Tibet tour companies, we have the most comprehensive selection of Tibet Group Tours at the most affordable pricing. Our small Tibet group tours cover all the must-see attractions and must-go destinations in Tibet. Having served tens of thousands of travelers throughout the years, you will get the best possible Tibet travel with us!

Tibet Private Tours

Conducted by the best Tibet Tour Company

With 20 years of experience in conducting Tibet Private Tours, we can offer a high level of trip customization and service. No detail is too small, and no request is too hard for us to fulfill. Everything and anything is possible with our Tibet Customized Tours. Look through our wide selection of private tours and choose one to further personalize it!

Tibet Journeys

Run by a Tibetan Owned Travel Agency

Whether you’re into architectures, nature, adventure, trekking, culture or simply sightseeing, we have something for everyone!

Tibet Travel Advice

Through the experience of a Local Tibet Travel Agency

Just like everything else in life, preparation is key. As the saying goes “Fail to Prepare and you Prepare to Fail”. Go through our Tibet Travel Advice articles and familiarize yourself with Tibet before you go.

Trekking Packing List for Tibet. Hiking Checklist. What to pack for Tibet. trekking gear

Trekking Packing List for Tibet

Unlike most major destinations in the world, Tibet is extremely unique due its high elevation and isolation. A Tibet holiday is completely different from a Bali Getaway. The challenges of Tibet highland and limited supplies provided by guesthouses simply mean that preparation is key for any visitor. We have made a trekking packing list for…

Top tibetan monasteries and temples. Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. mount everest

Top Tibetan Monasteries and Temples

Known as the ‘Roof of the World’, Tibet is known all over the world for its highland scenery, world’s tallest mountains, breath-taking lakes and other natural assets. In addition to its natural beauty, Tibet has something that’s unique and vital to its culture: the monasteries. Visitors to Tibet need not be a spiritual or religious…

Tibet Travel Permit. Tibet visa

Tibet Travel Permit. Tibet Visa

Almost anyone can travel to Tibet, as long as you have the necessary permits and valid documents. If you book your Tibet trip with us, we will help you with all the necessary application for your Tibet Travel Permit. Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions regarding a Tibet Travel Permit:   Who Needs…

When is the Best time to travel to Tibet - Best Tibet Travel Agency

Best time to travel to Tibet

When someone is planning to go to Tibet, one of the first questions that come to their mind is “When is the best time to travel to Tibet”. There’s no one fixed answer to this question because it really depends on your intention of visit. The different seasons and months are good for different things.…

Lhasa Capital of Tibet Tibet Lhasa Potala Palace-min

Lhasa, Capital of Tibet

Lhasa, which literally means The Place of the Gods in Tibetan, is the capital of Tibet. As Tibet capital city, Lhasa is the cultural, historical and political centre of Tibet. As the main entry point to Tibet, Lhasa sees the highest number of international tourists compared to other Tibet cities.   Where is Lhasa Lhasa…

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